Mastering Alchemy–Level 1 Course


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Jeannie Hamm is your Mastering Alchemy instructor


The purpose of Level 1 is to rebuild your Personal Power energy field. This is accomplished with a specific set of sacred geometrical tools and applications. Understanding how energy is organized, moves and is directed is fundamental to your growth. By rebuilding this energy containment field and aligning the core geometry of the Octahedron you create an antenna which enables you to access the frequency of your higher dimensional consciousness and your Higher Mind.

Creating Your Personal Power Field

Mastering Alchemy Level 1 Course

As a teacher of the Level 1 program, it would be my honor to accompany you on this exciting journey of transformation. Anticipate how confident you will feel as you activate and develop your personal power field.


What is your Personal Power Field?

Your Personal Power Field is a potent field of energy that can be consciously activated through intention and practice. This practice ignites dormant brain circuitry that generates greater access to your higher wisdom and creativity, enabling you to recognize and integrate new possibilities.

Claim your Divinity and personal power by participating in the Mastering Alchemy Level 1 Program.

Make conscious choices about where to place your attention

Take command of what is yours to create and manifest

Express your greatness by merging your masculine and feminine aspects


How Will Your Life Change?

Reconstructing your Personal Power Field will enable you to:

Transform one possibility into a better one (this is alchemy)

  • Use tools to eliminate the noise and drama in your life
  • Release the unwanted thoughts and emotions that control your life
  • Remain calm despite increasing chaos in the world
  • Leverage the power of the Seven Living Words
  • Dissolve unconscious limiting habits and patterns from childhood
  • Work and play with Sacred Geometric forms as antennas that send and receive higher information
  • Access the Inner Sanctuary within your Sacred Heart to create a conscious, intentional connection with your Soul
  • Unify the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself, balancing your brain’s hemispheres
  • Remember who you are and what you came here to accomplish
  • Discover your role as Healer, Teacher, Leader
  • Begin to see with your eyes closed
  • Change your DNA coding, increase oxygen levels, and access a fifth dimensional awareness
  • Make life-affirming choices from inner wisdom rather than react from emotion

Ease your ascension symptoms

  • Define and know yourself as Spirit
  • Energize your body through pranic breath
  • Build and activate your Personal Power Field. Spin it up to 90% of the speed of Light
  • Enter the Sanctuary of the Pink Diamond in your Higher Heart
  • Anchor the Soul into your Heart to know yourself
  • Visit Atlantis and reconnect with the Three Kingdoms

Throughout the program, you will experience all of this and much more in a safe, encouraging and playful environment. Supported by personal instruction, video, meditations and energy work, you will emerge with the tools, strategies and skills to move through your life masterfully with ease and well-being.  

The Mastering Alchemy Level 1 course is $144 and consists of 14 hours of in-person instruction plus additional video recordings to learn basic energy tools and concepts. 


This course is not for everyone.

Commitment, intention, discipline and a strong desire are necessary qualities for anchoring these simple tools, skills and strategies into your life in a way that is permanent and life-altering.

What does it take to be successful in the course?

Only three things:

  1. A willingness and ability to experience versus analyze
  2. A personal commitment to self-development and spiritual growth
  3. An ability to laugh and be easy on yourself
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